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Take care about people in your office and we will take care of moving your office furniture

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Take care about people in your office and we will take care of moving your office furniture

We are more than happy to hear that your business is growing and your office space is becoming too small, or if you found more appropriate office space.

Relocating a business usually causes people a lot of headache and unwanted red tape. Well, we are here to ease your mind. While you take care of your business we’ll be here to move your office furniture without affecting employees during their business hours.

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Philadelphia Movers LLC flexible work schedule will ensure that your business does not fall due on the move date

Since we specialized in commercial and office moves in Philadelphia, rest assured that you won’t lose a minute of your work schedule due to office furniture move.

All you need to do is to inform our dedicated office agent about your working hours and we will find the best way to accommodate your needs.

Most commercial buildings require specific documentation from commercial movers in Philadelphia, we are here to help and provide you everything.

We understand that most commercial buildings require specific documentation and that most of them have strict rules and regulations regarding moving in or moving out of them.

Our dedicated team in the Insurance department will take care of all the requirements, all you need to do is to provide us with them and we’ll take it from there.

Is the commercial move in Philadelphia more expensive than regular household move? The answer is no.

Our relocation specialist will work with you to find the best solution for you in order for us to fit all of your budget and needs as well.

Let us know your needs and we’ll provide you with multiple options, it’s up to you to choose what’s best for you and what is best for your budget.

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How should you plan your office move?
We have all the answers just give us a call.

Our dedicated relocation specialists will have a friendly but at the same time professional approach and assist with your commercial moving needs.

During the conversation we will get all the details and try to avoid any kind of possible inconvenience on your office move date. Years of experience taught us to face all the challenges and to prevent surprises.

If you don’t have time to pack all those file cabinets, the best commercial movers in Philadelphia PA, will take care about that as well.

We will customize and adjust our commercial moving services based on your needs. We can bring our own packing material and pack all smaller belongings or we can pack just a portion of your office furniture, it is up to you to decide.

Our professional office movers and packers will accommodate all your requests and be completely dedicated to your office furniture move.

Speeding up the moving process by having full service will endure your entire move and make sure your business is running smoothly in no time at all.

Fun fact - Philadelphia Movers LLC relocated its own office more than five times in the past ten years.

We specialized commercial moving by moving our office first. As we are fully aware how important office space is we are one of leading office movers in Philadelphia PA.

Since we relocated quite a few times and moved our office furniture and supplies we are fully aware how that can be exhausting, even for professional movers. The is why we treat all commercial moves as if they were our own.

Moving companies that would move their own headquarters meticulously should provide the same service and experience to others. That’s what we are here to do.