In the case that you need a service that will entail a great deal of care towards your belongings and that you wish to relocate your home or business safely, hiring professional local movers would be the best choice.

When you are looking for reliable movers and packers near you that are local moving company in Philadelphia, you should look for the best rated moving company with stellar reviews.

Most licenced moving companies are not allowed to disconnect or connect appliances due to liability reasons. In order to disconnect or connect the appliances we would advise hiring a handyman.

Should you choose a Full Pack service, the moving company will definitely pack all of the smaller items, as well as the furniture for you.

Professional moving companies are equipped to move during short showers of rain. Most companies advise it is best not to perform a move if there is pouring rain outside no matter how good their protection is.

Usually, the best local movers are often booked weeks in advance. So, as soon as you get the idea of the time when you are ready to move, do not hesitate to reach out.

Professional moving companies need to be licenced and insured.

Once you get in touch with the Customer Relocation specialist, they will assist you with determining the number of movers you should choose based on your moving needs.

Yes, some of the movers perform only labor services.

Most movers provide free wardrobe boxes for use during the move. In case you wish for movers to perform a Full Pack service, they will pack the clothing into boxes on your behalf.

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